Last update: 20/06/2020

Dear Guests, Partners and Friends,

In the context of the new reality we are experiencing, we would like to inform you that we are doing everything possible to make you feel safe and able to enjoy your holidays.

Therefore, please be informed that we are following all the instructions regarding disinfection and hygiene of our hotel and we are already in the process of obtaining the special sign of the Greek authorities, which will certify the procedures.

Official COVID-19 cases so far in Crete were few and we hope that this will not change in the near future. We are closely monitoring the developments and we fully comply with WHO and NPHO (National Public Health Organization) instructions.

For the time being through this page, updated when needed, you will be informed for any further developments on the policy of our hotel due to the COVID-19.  


Our group has already implemented an action plan aimed at preventing the occurrence and effective management of suspicious cases as long as there are restrictions on staff and tenant expansion.

We have set up a special management team Covid-19 which includes a doctor who specializes in Covid-19 and who supervises the safe and smooth operation of our hotel, gives instructions and directs the staff if necessary, according to the instructions of the Authorities.

All of our staff are trained in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and state health protocols and we provide them with all the personal protective equipment required.

In order to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, we have entered into a partnership with a certified company, in order to ensure the health of the hotel, in accordance with strict standards and certification of the practices we follow and the methodical training of our staff.  


In an effort to reduce overcrowding and overcrowding in the Reception, we have floor markings for social distancing and we are able to provide the following options as well:

– On -line check in upon request.

– Check in, check out, at the reception area using a protective partition.

– Check out time will be at 11:00 and check in will be at 15:00 in order to have additional time for the thorough cleaning of the rooms.

All room cards are disinfected before we deliver them to you.

Upon your arrival, you will be provided with a set of hand sanitizer, hygiene mask and gloves. All personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, masks) will be disposed of, in special bins.


For the safety of all of us, we have adopted a very strict cleaning and thorough disinfection protocol in all rooms, common areas and staff areas, emphasizing on door knobs and switches.

Rooms will be disinfected before welcoming our next guest. Housekeeping staff is highly trained in the way of cleaning and disinfecting the rooms with trainings that we carry out in the last years in the management of epidemic incidents.

All public areas and toilets will be cleaned and disinfected at a regular basis during the day. Hand sanitizers and disinfectants will be available to all public areas and departments entrances. All disinfectants we use are approved by the National Medicine Agency for their effective use.


Observance of the HACCP system is a precondition for our staff and has been observed for many years. In order to avoid crowding, Buffet is going to be available with enhanced hygiene measures like:

– Table distancing according to regulations.

– Portioned food, where possible, will be safer and easier, otherwise you will allow us to serve you the rest of the options.

– Disinfection of tables, counters, surfaces etc. after each use and regular airing of the outlets.

– Enhanced staff safety using personal protective equipment.

– Hand sanitizers available next to the buffet.


Around our outdoor pool , we have placed our sunbeds in such a way as to maintain safe distances.Sunbeds will be disinfected before each use.

Detailed instructions for entering the pool, will be placed next to the pool showers.

Pool water will be treated with appropriate disinfection products and as per extensive company procedures for water management.

All Harmony Crest Resort team is looking forward to welcoming you!

*All the above may change in accordance to further or new guidelines received by Greek Authorities.